What does your home color say about you?

The design options that a homeowner chooses for his or her home interior or exterior can end up saying a lot about the owner’s personality. Just like different birth dates and geographic location can give insight into the psyche, the color of a person’s home can say a lot about them. Here are some of the common home color/personality match ups:

Red: Individuals who prefer red tend to want to experience life to the fullest. They always look to engage all of their senses and they will take a very hands-on approach. If you see a homeowner with a red exterior or interior, they may have painted it themselves before they went hiking.

Orange: “Homeowners who choose orange are usually social butterflies,” said Dean Bjorkstrand, home improvement and landscaping professional. “They will always be open to entertaining and hosting events at their home. Part of the challenge for them is throwing the perfect party in a completely clean and organized home.”

Blue: Those who use darker hues may prefer a more subtle approach to their decorating, and they value peace and calm in their lives. They tend to focus on the inner parts of their personality, and they may have a blue room dedicated to yoga or meditation.

White: A standard white room can mean a lot of things. Sometimes it is simply the best aesthetic choice if the rest of the room features difficult to match colors. However, those who prefer white like to have independence and simplicity in their lives, and this can be reflected in their color choices.

Green: Similar to orange, this color is usually paired with a social individual. However, green can correspond more with security and a comfortable relationship with the world. This person may look to have a select group over for afternoon tea more than throwing a ball for the entire neighborhood.

Different colors on the spectrum can mean different things. Your paint must support the visual appeal of home elements like your carpeting and windows. Sometimes it is more about necessary design aspects than the owner’s personality. Either way, it may be interesting to compare the personality traits of your friends with the color of their home. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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