Interior Paint Colors That Will Be Popular In 2017

The New Year is already upon us. That means it’s time to start paying attention the new fashion and social trends that come with it. In addition to new designs and styles, unique and vibrant colors will also be a hot commodity. Color does wonders for interior decorators, fashion designers, architects, even hair stylists. Imagine what your home could be like with just a touch of, or an entirely new color altogether. Even better, the professionals at Edina Painting know exactly how to help. We offer a plethora of painting services from interior to exterior house painting, to deck staining and cabinet refinishing. Here are some interior paint colors that will be popular in 2017 to consider painting in your home this year.

Interior Paint Colors That Will Be Popular in 2017

Earthy Greens

Earthy green hues are expected to be a popular color among contemporary decorators this year. They present a calming, natural feel to any room, and are excellent for off-setting against natural hardwood floors. Compliment your walls with beige and natural wood furniture for a finishing touch.

Ocean Blues

Natural ocean blue is perfect with snow white curtains, window frames, and dashboards. Like natural greens, they are also great against lighter hardwood floors and can help accentuate high ceilings or multi-angle walls.

Sunshine Yellows

Although most people refrain from using solid yellow hues in their home, it can be a solid investment. Yellow helps accentuate individual walls when used in combination with white. Some also paint the floor yellow to compliment a patterned, pale blue color scheme on the walls.

Mineral Grays

Mineral, natural, or clay gray is also perfect for bringing out your hardwood furniture. In addition, gray offers you the opportunity to work with colors that are not traditionally used, like purple, yellow, and solid green. Hardwood floors and bright orange trinkets can also stick out from the solid gray walls, so don’t pass gray off as a dull color this year.

Natural Beige

Like earthy greens, natural beige colors work great with hardwood floors and more traditional colors like maroon red, and when balanced correctly, even white. Dark and light brown is another great way to compliment a natural beige color scheme. You can even throw in a rug to accentuate the hardwood floors.

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