Paint Colors To Avoid Using In A Small Space In Your Home

Interior painting carries with it a different series of challenges than exterior painting. Painting inside involves careful planning and coordination. You want to provide your space with a certain feel that both is both welcoming and reflects your personality. In addition, you must also know how to use different paints to create atmosphere you want. Most people assume to use bright white paint in order to make small spaces appear larger. While white paint in a small space has been an unofficial standard for years, interior painters are breaking away from tradition and are now using an assortment of colors for interior spaces. That said, using the right colors for different interior spaces is incredibly important. Here are some paint colors to avoid using in a small space in your home.

Paint Colors To Avoid Using in a Small Space


You don’t necessarily have to avoid using white, but if you do be sure to have a way to off-set it. Hang photos or art pieces on the walls, or use colorful furniture to accent the white walls. In addition, use white on the wall trim to accent a softer toned color like gray or a dark beige.

Red is Dead

Although red is a popular choice for dining rooms and sometimes bathrooms, experts do not not recommended it for small spaces. Red is known as a warm, energetic color, especially in darker hues. As a result, it tends to overwhelm small spaces because of its stunning, often arduous tone. While dark or solid red is ideal for larger spaces, you should use a lighter tone or hue off-set by white for smaller rooms in your house.

Avoid Certain Neutrals

Neutral colors are simple, and even better, always in style. However, using the wrong neutral color can make your small space look even smaller. A neutral color that is too damp will also make your room appear much darker. When choosing a neutral color, look for warm, bright colors that reflect light around the room and make the room look more spacious and welcoming.

For more advice on what paint colors to choose for interior painting, contact the experts at Edina Paint. Our representatives are knowledgeable and can help you find a color that’s right for you. Call us today, or explore our website to learn even more about home painting and our professional services.

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