Things To Consider Before Deciding On Your New Exterior Design

Snow is still in the forecast. As we get closer to spring, however, it’s a good idea to start thinking about color. The right color scheme can make or break your home exterior design. No doubt you have some ideas in mind, but if you don’t carefully consider a few outside factors, it won’t come out like you imagined. Professional painters know that more goes into choosing the right color scheme than just picking a color. Think about your neighborhood and your neighbors’ properties rather than just your own. In addition, it is always smart to sample a few colors to get an idea of how it will look before painting your whole house. Call the experts at Edina Painting to help you make a final decision. They will show you the things to consider before deciding on your new exterior design this season.

Things To Consider Before Deciding On Your New Exterior Design

Study Your Neighborhood Color Scheme

Before you go and turn your home into something Tim Burton might design, look at the overall theme of your neighborhood. What colors are your neighbors using on their homes? Is there a certain look there or does everything appear random and clustered? Remember you may want to sell your home someday, so be open to avoiding extravagant colors like pink or turquoise when every other house is white, brown, or autumn orange.

Make A Color Scheme

Consider everything that will need to be painted on your home exterior. Not only the main body, but the trim, window panes, porch railing, and even the front door. For example, if you have a wooden oak door, avoid using a color scheme that would clash with the rest of the home design. Front doors help accent the design of your home, so make sure your exterior color scheme does well to compliment it.

Remember Your Landscape Design

Choose a color scheme for your home that also compliments your outdoor landscape design. For example, if you have a vibrant landscape designed with many bright colors, you want to choose an exterior color that will compliment your design. Always remember curb appeal when selecting the right color scheme for your home.

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