Minneapolis Exterior Painting

Our Exterior Painting Services Include:

Deck Staining

Deck Painting / Staining. Minnesota’s harsh weather can make decks look worn and aged. The exterior painting professionals at Edina Painting will revive your outdoor patio or deck & making it appear brand new.

Fence Painters

Fence Painting. A wood fence is an efficient barrier in your landscape, keeping trespassers & animals away while keeping your children from escaping. We will help you maintain the health & look of your fence.

Exterior Painting – Caulking / Weatherproofing

Caulking / Weatherproofing. We will secure the external cracks of your home or commercial property so that your structure will appear new for a much longer period of time and will keep your home’s interior safe.

Exterior Painting – Outdoor Shed Painting

Outdoor Shed Painting. Having a shed will help you free up the living space inside your home and allows you to keep your bulky equipment in one place. Let us ensure that your shed looks and functions its best for years.

Exterior Painting – Garage Painting

Garage Painting. Your garage acts as the first impression for visitors to your home. That is why its appearance is very important for home value. We will give your garage the look it needs to enhance the appeal of your entire residence.

Exterior Painting – Balcony Painting

Balcony Painting. There are many benefits to having a balcony. Even if it is secure, a balcony with a worn appearance makes it look unsafe. We will completely restore your balcony and will significantly enhance its visual appeal.

Minneapolis Stucco Painting

Stucco Painting. Stucco is largely used for exterior purposes because it is resilient against deterioration and can contend with even the harshest weather. That is why it is such a widely used painting option for Minnesota home & business owners.

Professional exterior painting embellishes and provides a sense of personality to any home or office. That is why – when undertaking an exterior painting project – it is crucial to plan the process carefully. Edina Painting ensures that the paint chosen for your project is the right color/style, provides the best defense against outdoor elements, is safe and will last for years.

Our professionals will guide you through the whole process so that you are content with the finished results. We strive to ensure that the project is done to your standards and to ours as well. Every project we take on is a top priority.

What is our exterior painting process?

When it comes to our exterior painting projects in Minneapolis, our crew is efficient and careful. It all starts when we view the property for the first time with you. We will ask questions and also listen to your concerns regarding problem areas with your current exterior paint job.

We make sure that your exterior is prepped for painting. Our professional carpenters will address any repairs that need to be made, including any wood decay that you may have. Prep work is the single most important aspect of any exterior painting job. We pay particular attention to scraping, priming and caulking before any paint is applied.

We pay careful attention to every detail of your home’s exterior. We do this to determine the best course of action to take to ensure your paint maintains its health and visual appeal for years. We check the age of the wood, the position of the home, the influence of the landscape, and more.

Choosing the right color is another important preliminary step. After you select the color(s) you desire, we will apply a sample to make sure you will be content with your selection.

The surface we are painting usually dictates the application method. We normally spray homes and back brush or roll as needed. No matter what the application process requires, when we are finished, the fresh paint applied to your home or business will make it look like it was constructed yesterday.

Why choose us?

Edina Painting has provided exceptional results in the Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN region region for years. Our skilled painters use only first-class equipment and paints to ensure superior results that will make your home or office look beautiful for years.

With weather considered, we guarantee a start time and a date of completion. We pride ourselves on our detail-oriented technique and our consideration for our clients’ specific needs. No matter your exterior painting requirements, we will be there to help you even if you need assistance after the project is complete.

Exterior Painting

You can rest assured that we use only the highest quality paint on the market. That is how we ensure that you are getting the best return on your painting investment. Contact us to get started on your exterior painting project today!