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The fence of your home or business is more than just a way to keep people out, animals and children in and provide privacy. A fence can also make a statement about the style of your home or business and give excellent curb appeal. You want to be sure that your fence always looks its best and hiring a professional to paint it can be a good way to accomplish this goal. While you could do the work yourself there are a few benefits to hiring a professional for the job.

Fence Painting: What to Consider

No one wants to own the house in the neighborhood with the ugly, old and peeling fence. Before you run out and buy a few buckets of paint, however, consider the tips below.

Before your fence is painted, you must inspect your fence and repair or replace any rotten or damaged sections. Cut the grass on both sides of the fence and trim overgrown trees and shrubs. Powerwash your fence to remove any loose dirt, paint or other debris. Make sure you do not damage the wood fibres by holding the nozzle too close. Lay some drop sheets or old tarps under the area that you are working on to protect the grass, driveway or anything else you do not want to damage. Once the fence has dried, scrape any old peeling paint and sand down any rough areas. Make sure that you have chosen a good quality exterior paint or stain – latex eggshell is not going to last long outside.

Painting a fence is not a walk in the park. It is time consuming, dirty and labor intensive. Make sure you are up for the job and do not attempt to paint the entire fence in one weekend. Work in sections as time permits to avoid a fence painting burnout. You do not want to paint on a hot, sunny day, as the paint will dry too fast. Hot sunny days are better for power washing and preparation. When you do get started, make sure it is not going to rain in the next 2 or 3 days so the paint has a chance to dry completely.

Of course. If you do not have the time or patience to get the job done, consider calling Edina Painting and we will happily take the work on for you!