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Stucco Painting Services

Edina Painting offers stucco painting services in Minnesota, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, St. Louis Park, and throughout the Twin Cities .

stucco painting

Are you planning to redo your exterior walls in the near future? Stucco is an excellent plaster for exterior walls because it is resistant to corrosion and it does not get destroyed easily during bad weather. Stucco is typically made up of cement, sand, limestone and water. It can be painted any color. This gives Minnesota homeowners more flexibility when selecting a color for their house. It should be noted, however, that when applied incorrectly, stucco has a tendency to crack and that can lead to problems such as discoloration and mildew.

Our coating process

At Edina Painting, we specialize in painting, inspecting, patching, and cleaning your stucco. Our process starts with examination, where our experts examine your stucco to spot any possible damage such as window leaks, which can cause significant damage. If we find any problems, we get right to it and begin repairing them before extensive damage occurs.

Our team will fix the source of any leaks and then get started on repainting your home so its exterior does not look like it is from a different century. A smooth, dry surface has to be created first before the painting can star. We use a pressure washer to clean the surface of any dust, debris or dirt. Next, our team will check the surfaces again for hairline cracks and once everything has been approved, painting will begin.

A masonry primer is applied, followed by a partial coat of paint – which has to blend with your stucco – and finally an elastomeric coating which protects the stucco from the elements, essentially making it waterproof.

Why choose Edina Painting’s stucco painting services?

When you need professional stucco painting services in Minnesota, contact Edina Painting for effective and reliable solutions. We strive to give you premium experience through excellent customer service and we use our skills and experience to create the best stucco plaster for your needs.