Minneapolis Bathroom Painting

One of the best ways to change the look of your home without spending a huge amount of money is by painting your bathroom.

Artists and designers have long been familiar with the powers paint color possesses. Did you know that it is scientifically proven that color directly impacts our mood? Color psychology is the study of the physiological effect color has on humans. From increasing our anxiety to soothing discomfort and even increasing productivity, the color you paint your room can greatly dictate how you feel while you are in that room.

The average human spends a year and a half of his lifetime in the bathroom. Not only that; your bathroom is one the most visited places in your house by guests.

What is the best paint color for your bathroom?

Bathroom Painters

Calm, Cool, and Clean. Cool, muted colors will transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. We recommend periwinkle blue, pale grey and sea green as go to hues when it comes to evoking feelings of calmness. Treat your guests to a soothing respite by using peaceful, muted colors.

bathroom painting

Lap of Luxury. Jewel tones bring new meaning to the idea of the “throne room.” Colors like emerald green, deep topaz, and ruby red are all shades that promote feelings of luxury and elegance. Give your bathroom a touch of regal richness by using a jewel hued paint.

White Delight. Bathrooms are often the messiest rooms in the house. Hair products, soaps, and razors, oh my! Even if your countertops are chaos, your walls can be welcoming. Using a white paint on your bathroom walls brings an aura of freshness to the room. White paint also makes a room look larger.

Our bathroom painters have the experience to see problems – such as the wrong type of paint on the walls or a faulty texture – before they become costly. Our professionals can also make adjustments so that we can make sure that these problems don’t stop the job. You could save yourself the time and money of having to do the job over again by hiring someone with experience to do it right the first time.

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