Minneapolis Interior Painting

Our Twin Cities Interior Painting Services Include:

Interior Painting – House Painting

Interior House Painting. Our interior painting professionals guarantee beautiful, safe and long-lasting results in your place of residence. We have the expertise needed to produce a magnificently painted room. [Learn more…]

Interior Painting – Kitchen Painting

Kitchen Painting. Our interior painting professionals will transform your kitchen so you can avoid having to rebuild it. From cabinets to window surroundings, we will handle any aspect of your kitchen that you require. [Learn more…]

Interior Painting – Basement Painting

Basement Painting. Do you have a dreary basement that is in need of a major renovation? Let our painters boost your basement’s appearance so that you can be comfortable in it and make the best use of it. [Learn more…]

Interior Painting – Door Painting

Door Painting. Interior doors are a vital element of your home or office’s overall charm and greatly influence its inner curb appeal. We will make all of your doors look pristine, helping you avoid replacement costs. [Learn more…]

Interior Painting – Bedroom Painting

Bedroom Painting. You begin and end your day in your bedroom. It is a place that you use to unwind. That is why, in order to rest and relax, it is important that you have a bedroom with that perfect look.

Interior Painting – Ceiling Painting

Ceiling Painting. Painting ceilings – especially high ceilings – requires special skills to do correctly. Our professionals are highly experienced preparing, repairing & painting all varieties of ceilings.

Interior Painting – Living Room Painting

Living Room Painting. Your living room is usually the most used space in the house. Having a living room that is painted the way you like will boost the flair of your entire home and will certainly add comfort.

Interior Painting – Bathroom Painting

Bathroom Painting. Painting your bathroom is unique compared to painting your other rooms. Our painters will ensure that your paint is resistant to moisture, lasts and we will help you choose the best colors for a small space.

When it comes to interior painting, our work is nothing short of stunning. From walls to woodwork, you can expect a quality finish for each painting project. Our professional painters use all methods of application, including high tech spray to traditional brush and rollers to ensure a long lasting, impeccable looking interior painting job. We offer a wide variety of interior painting options for Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN area residents.

What is our interior painting process?

Our painting process goes as follows:

Preparation. Before we begin painting, we need to make sure that all of interior elements are covered or remove. This includes furniture (which we usually place in the middle of the room & cover with a sheet). We place protective layers over the flooring and countertops as well.

After we’ve added protection for your home’s elements, we will look for and remove any webs, dust and mold. In addition, cracks and holes will be filled.

The painting stage. When it is time to paint, we prime all imperfections in the room(s) as well as cleanse the wood. We then carefully apply quality paint.

The clean up stage. Once the painting is complete, we will clean all of your furniture and accessories. We will then move them to their original locations, vacuum the floor, wipe off any residue, and remove our equipment. Afterwards, we will inspect our work to ensure that no mistakes were made.

Why choose us?

We have experienced using every major type of interior painting product.

We have applied latex wall paint to high performance lacquer coatings (for that glass-like finish on wood). You can count on us to recommend the right product and application technique for a long-lasting design.

Our interior painting is not limited to the standard wall. Our ceiling finishes are a source of great pride for us. We will rework existing ceiling textures or put a fresh finish on a dated ceiling. Our painting services will give you your own personal Sistine Chapel.

Perhaps it is wallpaper stripping that you need taken care of. If so, we have stripped thousands of yards of paper and can get it off your walls without causing damage. This will give you a blank canvas for your interior paint project to flourish.

No matter what your needs are, your complete satisfaction is our topmost priority. No exceptions. You will find that we graciously provide superior service even before you decide that you would like to start a project. Once the project is complete, any part of your home or commercial structure that had worn or aged appeal will have a stunning and fresh appearance.

Interior Painting

Once we have finished the product, we are confident that you will be amazed by the quality difference inside your home or office. Not only will your interior look better; it will feel better and it will function better. Contact us today to get started!