Minneapolis Interior Home Painting

Edina Painting specializes in interior home painting services and offers highly professional painting services in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. Homeowners can also contact us for a free painting cost estimate. Our team of experienced professionals will visit your home to assess your specific painting requirements and give you an estimate of the cost of painting as well as the time required to complete the painting project. We will also explain the painting process, clarify your doubts and provide detailed answers for your queries, thereby offering you maximum transparency regarding the expected results and the date of completion.

Edina Painting offers a wide range of specialized interior home painting services. These include:

• Complete interior painting projects for newly built as well as existing houses
• Painting of high rise condominiums
• Living Room painting projects
• Kitchen painting projects
• Painting projects for basements or den
• Bathroom painting projects
• Painting projects for hallways
• Painting projects for children’s rooms
• Bedroom painting projects

Flexible interior home painting services

Edina Painting has extensive experience in the field of interior painting services and offers painting services to suit your every requirement. We also have extensive experience of executing complex home renovation projects that involve providing painting services while working in collaboration with other construction/renovation contractors. Thanks to our adequate reserve manpower and equipment, our painting services are also flexible enough to adapt to your specific time constraints as well as any other unexpected circumstances that may arise during the execution of the painting project.

Experienced interior home painting service providers

Interior home renovation projects as well as
interior painting projects can cause significant disturbance in your daily life. Our extensive experience in executing interior painting projects and our highly professional staff ensure that your painting project is completed with minimal disturbance in your day-to-day life. Our painting experts carefully study the layout of your home and the surfaces to be painted to devise a minimally disruptive plan.

To ensure complete protection of your furniture and furnishings, our staff shifts your furniture away from the walls with utmost care. We also take suitable protective measures to protect your floors as well as furniture from any pain stains by adequately covering them. Before beginning the painting process, we also prepare your walls as well as ceiling surfaces by filling out any holes or cracks and ensuring uniformly smooth surfaces by applying suitable fillers.

As the painting process progresses, we promptly clean the recently painted areas and move the furniture as well as any other displaced items back to their original positions, thereby ensuring minimal, if any, disruption of your interiors during the painting process.

Premium and environment friendly painting products

Edina Painting uses only the highest quality and environment friendly paint products for painting your interiors to ensure maximum safety and protection for your family.

To ensure that your interiors look exactly the way you want them to after the painting process is complete, before we paint a wall or surface, you can ask us to provide a paint sample on a wall to give you an exact idea of the sort of color effect you can expect. Edina Painting also offers free color consultations to help you choose a suitable color plan for your interiors.

Wall repairing services

Edina Painting also offers a wide range of repair and pre-painting surface preparation services for your walls as well as ceilings, if required before the painting process. This includes repairing of any water damage, wall paper removal and repairing damage due to smoke by the application of suitable specialized primer before the painting process.

Guaranteed interior home painting services

Edina Painting has full confidence in the professionalism of its painting staff and uses only the highest quality paint products in its projects. This allows us to guarantee the durability of our interior home painting projects.

Serviced areas:

Edina Painting offers interior home painting services across the Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN metropolitan area. This includes areas in the Twin Cities and suburbs such as Minnetonka, Edina, Bloomington, Eagan, Golden Valley, Richfield, Robbinsdale, and St. Louis Park.