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When it comes to replacing or repairing exterior siding, it is crucial that you employ an experienced siding repair professional. At Edina Painting, our staff members are highly skilled with their equipment and keep themselves knowledgeable on all local building codes. Our professionals can mange any variety of exterior home or commercial siding work that you may require.

Siding Repair

You can trust Edina Painting with all of your exterior & wood siding repair, replacement and installation needs. Contact us today by filling out our brief contact form or by calling us at 612-987-4010.

Why choose us?

Having wood siding on your home can add a great amount of character and originality to your house. It allows for different shades of paint to express your personal tastes and reflections and makes a great impression when it is maintained properly. However, wood siding is notorious for needing repairs and maintenance to assure that it is also the protective barrier that your home needs. There are many great benefits to wood siding repair.

We use hand tools to repair your siding. Power tools can wreak havoc upon the wood siding of your home with their vibrations. You’ll want to work with hand tools to get the most detailed fixes that last the longest.

We ensure wood siding is moisture-proof. This is a first measure of repair and maintenance of the wood siding. This means that we will look over your siding frequently to assure that there are no areas where the wood is cracked, as a crack in the wood siding will allow moisture to seep into the wood, which subsequently causes cracks and peels in the paint.

We will maintain and repair your wood siding with premium primers and sealers. If you are repairing a piece of wood siding that has cracked, plan to spend time scraping off the old paint, sanding down the siding and making sure that you have a smooth surface to paint over. If you want to avoid the hassle, we will gladly take on the task for you.

We will help you choose the best possible match & working material. If you don’t have siding in mind, we can assist you in finding the best possible match.

We work carefully and cautiously. Demonstrating patience when repairing your wood siding is extremely important. We exercise caution and care when removing bad pieces of wood siding from your home, especially since we will be working with loosening nails that could potentially loosen other pieces of your wood siding if they are pried abrasively. We also carefully measure and cut the wood siding replacement with precision.