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AAbout Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Eden Prairie can count itself amongst the best places to live in Minnesota, alongside its neighboring communities. In fact, Eden Prairie can count itself amongst the best places to live in the entire United States. MONEY Magazine, as recently as 2010, ranked Eden Prairie as the top place to live in the country. It is located near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which gives residents of the city close access to big city amenities while enjoying everything that makes small town living so appealing.

Eden Prairie started out as a slow growing village known for its pastures and gardens. In fact, for the 80 years between 1880 and 1960, it only grew by approximately 1200 people, while other communities nearby boomed. In the proceeding years, Eden Prairie has boomed as well, and now houses over 60,000 people. Interstate 494 runs right past the city, bringing commerce and people with it.

There are many heritage sites located throughout Eden Prairie that celebrate its rich history. For instance, there’s the Eden Prairie Cemetery, where many of the first settlers are resting. There’s the Staring Lake Outdoor Center, which used to house transient workers during the great depression. It is now home to an educational center.

Eden Prairie’s veterans memorial is unique in that it commemorates not just those who died in service of the country, but those who died in service of world peace. The community raised more than $400,000 to build the memorial, which was erected in 2008. The two sculptures that make up the memorial were designed by Neil Brodin. One, which commemorates war heroes, depicts an airman carrying another on his shoulders. The other features a globe being touched by a female servicemember. Community members at the time could purchase a spot on the memorial to place the names of friends or family who served in conflicts or wars

Being one of the best places to live means that Eden Prairie has many other features, such as affordable housing, amazing parks, and top quality schools. Whether to visit or to live, consider giving Eden Prairie a try.

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