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About Richfield, Minnesota

Richfield is a small suburban town smack dab in the middle of an urban area. That means it offers the best of all worlds to those who want to live in a small town atmosphere but still want the energy and excitement that comes with a big city.

Like much of American, Richfield started out as a farming area known for rich soils. Even though local residents were holding town meetings as far back as 1958, it didn’t officially become a city until 1908, using a President/Trustee model of government. In 1950, a vote was held, and the form of government was changed to one of having a city manager, four council members, and a mayor, with the first mayor being Clarence Christian. They use this form of government to this day.

After World War II, Richmond’s population exploded. Being a suburb of Minneapolis, many war veterans returned home and settled in Richfield to raise families. The population was fewer than 10,000 before the war, and ballooned to 42,500 by 1960. It got as high as 50,000 by 1970, but as the highways and the airport expanded, and household sizes shrunk, the count leveled off to its current 35,000 people.

Richfield as currently constituted is approximately 7 square miles. There is a wide variety of house options from which to choose, and all within close proximity to schools, parks, shopping, and other amenities. Culture and entertainment are always a short trip away to Minneapolis. The Mall of America offers an unparalleled shopping experience, and Minneapolis MSP International Airport is a gateway to exciting travel opportunities.

Richfield is a community that has much to offer for people of all ages. Despite being so close to a large urban center, it still manages to give off a wonderful small-town charm. The school system is highly rated, the streets are well-maintained, and there is a strong sense of community that only comes from living in a small town. Among those 7 square miles are over 460 acres of parkland, and many community centers and athletic fields to provide programs and services for the whole family. Richfield truly is a small town in the city.

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