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Most people opt to have their fences painted or stained to have both a pleasing color and necessary protection for the wood itself. If you’re unsure of which will benefit your fence more, here are some benefits to consider having your fence painted by a professional.

Paint keeps your homes looking good while being exposed to harsh elements, so it makes perfect sense to have your fence painted as well. A quality paint job from an experienced professional provides a layer of protection from wind, sun, and rain for years on end. It helps prevent premature rot as wood doesn’t last long on its own. Paint ensures that the wood is sealed and that you get a longer-lasting investment.

Choosing the right color of your fence can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home. Staining your fence only gives you so many options, many of which don’t help distinguish your home as a splash of color would. Painting your fence can set the tone for the rest of your home’s exterior. You can match your fencing to match the accents on your house or paint it to match your garage door. There are numerous exciting possibilities for your home.

When your fence has been painted by a professional, you can enjoy it for a long time. On average, your fence wouldn’t need painting for five more years. Depending on the quality of paint that’s used, the coat of paint can last 10 years or more without having to be replaced.

Many people are looking to spice up the look of their homes to expand past a bland appearance and stand out amongst the neighborhood. When you consider how having a painted fence can create a standout space, enhancing curb appeal and the value of your home along the way, it’s an absolute no brainer. Be the envy of the neighborhood and let everyone else follow in your footsteps.

If having your fence painted has been on your mind, take these items into consideration and consult with a professional about the best option for you.

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