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13 Professional Painting Tips for your Home

By March 22, 2016 No Comments

If you’re worried about a potentially botched paint job in your house, we’re here to provide you with some guidance to put your mind at ease. Put these words to good use and your space will look as vibrant as can be.

1. Not ready to pick a color just yet? Buy a quart of paint or an even smaller amount instead of a vast quantity of that particular color so you don’t flush any money down the drain and avoid buyer’s remorse.

2. Make sure you prepare the space you’d like to paint by clearing out anything obstructive. Be sure to tape down any trim around the walls and wash your walls before you begin painting.

3. Paint in order, if you’re painting an entire space, start with the ceiling, then walls, woodwork, and then work towards the floor.

4. Allow at least 24 hours for your area to dry before you bring everything back to the room. Be sure to keep any windows open to aid the drying process.

5. “If you’re going from one bold color to another, be sure to apply a coat of primer to match your top coat of paint. If you’re painting your walls red, use one coat of primer and two coats of paint,” said a provider or kitchen remodeling in Northern VA.

6. Keep a small amount of paint in a clean, small container for routine touch-ups. Empty food containers work well for this. Be sure to label the container with the color and brand of the paint.

7. Pick appropriate brushes for the type of work you’re doing and what type of paint you’re using. There are certain rollers made for how well paint rolls onto a surface, and for different wall materials. Also, be sure to use intricate brushes for touch-ups, you can easily find brushes of this nature at your local dollar store.

8. Be sure to sand down walls before applying a latex or oil finish. Get rid of dust particles with a tack cloth. When applying an oil or latex primer, make sure it’s the same composition as the desired topcoat.

9. Remove any wallpaper by steaming it off or by some kind of solvent, do not paint directly over wallpaper.

10. Be sure to remove all externalities in your space including doorknobs, switchplates, and drapery.

11. If you plan on re-using brushes be sure to wash them right away.

12. Dispose of paint responsibly, look for a hazardous waste recycling center to dispose of excess paint.

13. If you put the lid back on the can of paint, clean the rim of the can before you do so. To prevent any messes, place a paper towel or rag on top of the lid, then hammer it down to secure it.

If your home is in need of a quality paintjob, or you’re looking for some sage wisdom. Edina Painting will be happy to provide you with whatever you need to ensure that your home will look better than ever before.