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5 Simple DIY Painting Tips

By December 29, 2015 No Comments

Painting is a simple way to transform your home, but hiring a professional paint crew can be expensive. Thankfully painting is something that you can easily do yourself as well. Whether this will be your first room painting project or you have some experience with painting projects, the suggestions below can be valuable if you decide to take on your next painting project by yourself.

#1 Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

There are a variety of painting supplies that can help you finish your job quickly, efficiently and with professional results. Rollers are great for covering large areas with the same color, while brushes are good for small jobs like edging and trim. Using a ladder will also help the process, enabling you to reach the top of the wall and ceilings.

#2 Use Swatches to Choose a Color

Make sure you like the way a color looks after it dries before you paint the entire wall. Paint a small area in a part of the room that is not too visible and make a final decision about the color before you begin your project in earnest.

#3 Figure Out How Much Paint You Need

Running out of paint mid-way through a job is never good, but neither is having several extra buckets of painting left over in your garage. Measure the area of your walls and work with a paint supply professional to determine how many gallons you will need to adequately cover your project.

#4 Get Help

Even if you decide to do the job without a professional painting crew, having help from your friends or family members can be convenient and really speed up the work.

#5 Try to Avoid Messes

Making a bit of a mess is inevitable in a painting project, but avoid creating situations that require major clean up by using drop clothes on your furniture and cover-alls for your clothes. Even with cover-alls, wear old clothes underneath and move any easily transportable furniture to another room to minimize the chances of a spill. Using painters tape on edges and corners will also reduce accidents.