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About Edina Painting’s Wallpaper Removal Service

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Removing your wallpaper before you start painting is a very difficult and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are ways of making it less dreadful. Edina Painting is made up of skilled employees experienced in wallpaper removal. We will speed up the process while keeping it easy and produce the clean and smooth walls that you are hoping for!

If you are facing the possibility of remodeling or refinishing your home, typical issues that arise include the removal of wallpaper. If your plan is to paint those walls, it is critical that allow an expert to remove the old wallpaper and get rid of every bit of glue and adhesive so the painting process and result is not ruined.

Edina Painting is dedicated to quality wallpaper removal and replacement anywhere in your home’s interior. We have the ability to remove any kind of wallpaper thanks to our skilled finishers. They will swiftly and efficiently remove every bit of your old wallpaper, while ensuring a surface that is ready for your new paint or covering. Avoid all of the hassles of wallpaper removal and replacement by giving us a call! We’ll do it the right way!

Why Choose Us?

At Edina Painting, we understand exactly what home and business owners looking for in terms of quality and professional wallpaper removal. We provide the proper estimates, show up on time and remain respectful and courteous throughout the entire process of removing or replacing your wallpaper.

By working with us, you can expect us to start and finish on time, maintain a neat and clean work environment, provide a total commitment to every detail, and we guarantee our high quality work. Employing us to remove your wallpaper means that you are inviting guests into your home, and we understand that. For that reason, our entire crew is fully trained to be respectful and clean.

If you decide to contact us to remove your wallpaper, we will provide a callback and an estimate in a timely manner. We fully respect your time and will always return your calls to provide you with the information and services that you need. You can trust that hiring us means that we are always there to help maintain your home or facility for years to come.