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How To Choose the Best Color For Your Front Door

Front doors are often overlooked, but are in fact a big part of the visual appeal of any home. It is often the first place someone’s eyes focus on when they look at your house. Since it is also the point of entry for guests, it is important for your front door to be welcoming and visually appealing. The thought may not have crossed your mind before, but a worn down door can affect the look of the entire exterior of your house. Luckily, it is nothing a splash of color cannot fix. But how to choose the right one? Here is a guide for getting the perfect color for your front door.

Plan Ahead
Before deciding on the best color, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and have a painting strategy so that you prevent any issues from popping up. This is especially important since you do no want to have to spend more time with a big open hole in your house than is necessary. The door and the hardware should all be removed from the frame in preparation. Plus, you will need to prime the door surface before painting. Since the front door is literally the thing that everyone who comes across your home will see, then you may want to hire a professional for the project, just to make sure it is done right. It will cost a little extra, but the results will be great.

Choose Your Paint
After you’ve made your plan, it is time to choose the paint. Try to choose a color that not just complements the style of your home, but also expresses your personal style. It is also a first impression of your home, so it should reflect what is behind the door as well. Do you have modern, rustic, or vintage decor inside? If so, the door color should match that. Go with bold colors for a modern appeal, and an airy pastel shade for vintage. Do not be afraid to play around with colors and take you time to find the right match.

Deep Red
Having a red door should no longer make you want to paint it black. Deep red is becoming more popular all the time for those who want to give an extra visual pop outside their home. With gray houses, deep red can give off a sense of warmth and comfort. When contrasted with a white exterior, deep red can give that farmhouse feel that many homeowners are going for.

Bright Turquoise
Turquoise is very trendy right now amongst those who want to add brightness along with a retro vibe to their homes. This color goes very well with white and gray homes, and adds that striking bold color that many are looking for without being overbearing.

While black does not seem like an interesting choice at first glance, it is also a trendy pick. It is a shade that can go with almost any style of home, and it provides a sleek and contemporary look. Silver hardware can give a really striking contrast that pleases the eye as well.

Green is one of the warmest and most welcoming colors, because of its association with nature. Many homeowners want visitors to feel welcome, which makes green a perfect choice. Depending on the shade, it can be more fun and vibrant, or have an earthy feel. Darker shades go really well with brick, and a lighter shade goes with light or white colored homes.

Pastel Purple
Pastels are a wonderful way to add a splash of pizzazz without the full-on brightness of a red shade. Purple is a nice pastel in that it invokes fun and quirkiness while being inviting to visitors.

Bright Yellow
When you are feeling down, the sunshine can often make you feel better. A bright yellow door can help convey those good vibes to anyone who darkens your doorstep. It is an especially bright color to bring life to even the drabbiest of exterior decor.

Orange is a color that really emphasises a natural feel. If your home design incorporates a lot of wood and water, and more rustic elements, then orange might be for you. It is also warm and inviting to visitors.

As you have seen, there are lots of options for a front door behind the traditional white and brown. Do not take your front door for granted. Choose a color that adds some zest and personality to the entrance of your home.

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