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Choosing Paint Colors for a Commercial Building

By February 23, 2015 No Comments

When you have a business, each detail is important. Not only are the processes of running the company important, but also the physical building where your business is held. There is so much information out there that focuses primarily on your online presence, which is in fact highly crucial in today’s market. As most businesses also have a presence in their local community, it is important that we take pride in the physical building in which we run our businesses as well. Think strategically about how you want your company to be perceived by the people who drive by and the clients in which you serve.

Choosing a paint color or a set of colors for a business building will really set the tone for how you will be perceived in the community. As there is psychology behind each color that brings about a certain image or emotion, you will want to select a color that best represents the service that you provide.

Here is one thing to consider about your business while you are choosing color for your building.
Logo, signage, branding. Keeping your signage in mind will help you narrowed down your color choices because you don’t want them to clash with one another. Your branding and your building should work together in order to create the image you desire.

Behind the Colors
Here is a look at a few of the most common colors that are used in the business world today. In many industries there are certain colors that are used in many of the businesses because that industry wants to keep a certain image about what they do.

Green: Brings about thoughts of nature and health. Green has a peaceful, calming effect to it. You will often see this with health food brands, landscapers and businesses or organizations that promote wellness or the outdoors.

Blue: It is said to be a trustworthy, loyal and peaceful color. This is because, on a global scale, blue is seen the most in nature. Think about your time by any body of water, you enjoy the calmness of the water, the vibrant blues or the peaceful sound of a waterfall. Blue is the most relatable color because we see it in our most favored parts of nature.

Black: Has the ability to represent power and prestige. Black is often used in highly professional businesses and in high-end markets. Black shows the sense of superiority by adding some mystery to their image.

White: Although being a neutral color, it represents purity and cleanliness. Take note of medical companies or hospitals that use white. It gives off the idea of sterilization and health.

Selecting a color to paint your company’s building is just as important as it is to design your company’s logo and branding. Allow your signage to assist you in choosing the right color that will attract customers to your area of expertise.

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