Exterior Painting

The Exterior Painting Process

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your home. The harshness of winter can take a toll on the exterior of your house and leave it looking a little dull. Even the most professional home builder may have trouble placing lasting paint. Having the exterior painted can add freshness back to your home and even extend its life.

Our exterior painting process, step-by-step:

• Before you begin painting you have to prep and clean your house. Using a high pressured water sprayer will help make sure the walls are thoroughly cleaned, and will make the process much easier on you.
• Make sure any damaged areas of stucco, wood, metal, etc. are removed and replaced (if necessary) before you start washing. Prepping and washing your home creates a clean foundation for the paint. It also reveals any areas that may need additional care before you begin painting (any areas that need sanding, scraping, smoothing etc.).
• Lastly, cover light fixtures, shrubs, or anything else that might accidentally get painted.
• Prep is an important first step to painting the exterior of your house. It will make your paint job look cleaner, fresher, and extend the life of the paint.

The painting begins

• Paint jobs can be ruined by too much sunlight, so make sure you get your painting job done early in the season or on a day when there’s not too much sun. Another vital tip is to start painting on the west side of your house, and move east. This will help avoid having direct sun beating on your back, and hopefully make the process a little easier on you.
• The types of tools you will need (brushes, rollers) will depend on the kind of exterior of your house. You can consult the internet or a local painting expert to find out which tools you should be using.
• Apply primer to your house, especially in areas that are distressed or exposed. Make sure you use a paint that corresponds to the type of primer you are using.
• Once the primer dries you can get painting. Sometimes different batches of paint can be slightly different in color, to avoid this you can mix them all together in one giant bucket.

Don’t forget to take a second to step back and admire the finished exterior paint.

• Our exterior painting services are sure to leave you satisfied and impressed with the new look for your home!

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