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Home Painting Tips for the Winter Season

By December 31, 2014 No Comments

We have discussed the best practices for exterior home painting during winter before. This time, let’s discuss interior winter home painting tips. Many people choose to redecorate their home in the winter. Whether they just fancy a change, a new look or simply need to make the house feel warmer. If you plan to redecorate your home in the winter, then there are a few things that you need to think about, for example, your color scheme. You’ll want to avoid colors such as white, blue or black. These are cold colors, and they can make your home feel small, cold and unwelcoming. Instead, try and aim for reds, oranges, creams and other warm colors.

Use Plenty of Color

Remember that you don’t need lots of color to make your room feel warm. A cream wall with a red feature wall can make all the difference, not to mention that it can also make your rooms feel much bigger. If you have a fireplace, try and add your feature wall to this area, because it will really help to bring out the warm colors and tones. If you do want plenty of colors, make sure that you balance it out with creams or other lighter colors, because too much color can have an adverse affect on a room, making it feel small and dark.

How to Properly Store Your Paint

If you leave paint outside, make sure that you store it in a shed or cover it up with a piece of tarp or, it is in a warmer room, cover the paint with plastic. If it snows or freezes overnight, you may struggle getting the lid off the next day, not to mention that your brushes may also freeze up and become stiff with the cold. For this reason, you should try and leave your brushes in a cleaning solution and cover it up as much as possible. Your brushes will be clean the next day, you don’t need to worry about stiffness and you don’t need to worry about them freezing up or freezing over.