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How To Create the Perfect Color Palette

By December 16, 2020 No Comments

There will always be a list of trends when it comes to interior design and color choices. However, just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it fits everyone. Why would you pick a trend that you don’t fit your style? Your home’s style should be personalized. Unfortunately, much of defining your style comes down to the colors you use in your home. And it isn’t as simple as it seems. Follow these tips to create the perfect color palette that fits both your style and home.

Look At Your Current Colors

While it might sound counterintuitive, even if you’re planning on repainting parts of your house, you can always piggyback off of what’s already there. Chances are the homeowner didn’t even pick out the original colors–they have just been stuck with them! But that doesn’t mean those colors are useless. It might be easier to work with one or two colors currently in your home and complimenting them with others. This can help make for an easier transition.

Look At Your Wardrobe For Inspiration

As mentioned before, your interior style should match your style. All style choices should reflect your likes and interests as a person. If you want some inspiration, look into your current wardrobe and take note of your favorite colors. This can be extremely useful for implementing paint choices in your home. If you’re an avid fashionista, you will have a lot of fun brainstorming different color combinations. You may not end up using these color choices for every room, but by implementing some key color swaps in a few rooms, your personality will begin to shine in your home.

Identify the Tone of the Room

A color might look great, but if it doesn’t match the tone, it shouldn’t go there. Every room has a different function and purpose, and the wrong paint color can throw off the room’s vibe. Offices require focus, your bedroom is for resting, and living and dining rooms are great gathering spaces. Each room has a purpose and the color palette should be considered carefully. Wrong colors can throw off the tone, while the right colors will make everything feel just perfect.

Future-Proof Your Walls

Like any trend and style, it will cycle in and out. Sometimes picking the neutral tones that you enjoy the most is the best decision, especially if you plan on selling your home. Fun and flashy colors that represent your wild taste in style may work for you at the moment, but is it a style that you will enjoy down the road?

If you’re overwhelmed by the color picking process but want to have an aesthetically pleasing color palette, then you should always trust expert painters. They will not only give you solid advice on choosing the right paint colors but also execute the job perfectly.