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How to Enhance the Country Flair of Your Home

Looking for tips on making your home into a country style home? Well here are some color combinations that are found in traditional farmhouses, as well as some additional finishing touches to bring the whole style together.

Coloring Options

The most common color for a classic farmhouse is white. This can be a house completely whitewashed, white just used as an accent color, or white as the most prominent color in the palette. Here are a few of the most common white color combos that you will see for traditional farm houses, that you can use if you want to give your home a country vibe wherever you live. One of the most wonderful things about using simple color palettes is that they never go out of date. They stand the test of time, and as far as being in style, you won’t have to worry about being over trendy or making your home look outdated after several years.

Light Blue and White. This palette is very soft and sweet. A light blue, sky blue, or baby blue with white trim, shutters, and railings makes for a beautiful and bright home. It’s simple and clean while giving it a small town feel.

Yellow, Black, and White. This is a little drop of sunshine in a house. A gentle yellow with black and white shutters, trimming, and accents makes it always feel like spring is in the air. Adding yellow to your color palette is sure to brighten any home and looks delightfully charming.

Red, White, and Black. A bold look compared to the rest of the color palettes, but is no less a traditional country look. The use of clean lines in the architecture and a clean paint job will make each color stand out. Using a deep red makes the home look even more elegant, where the white and black trimmings give it interesting character.

Other Characteristics of a Country Home:

There are other characteristics in addition to the home’s paint colors that give it that country vibe. Adding the right accents to the home will really bring the classic farm house feel you are looking for.

Lantern Lighting. Just about any farmhouse would have a lantern type of light on the front porch. These are simple, but add so much farm house charm that they can’t be overlooked when you want to add a piece of country to the home.

Covered Porch. The covered porch at the front of the house is an iconic farmhouse must have. Even the wrap-around porch is coveted amongst people who don’t have them. Both of these additions to your home will dramatically change the outdoor character of your home and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in a new way.

Wherever you are, you can give your home a country, classic farmhouse feel by starting with the exterior paint colors and working your way indoors. By adding lantern lighting and a covered porch, you are sure to feel like you are out living in the country.

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