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How To Paint A Green Interior Design

Most people don’t think of green when they think of interior design. Green is an incredibly versatile color because it is considered both a warm and cool color that can be applied to the walls, cabinets, and other furniture around the house. You can paint a green interior design to evoke either a calm and relaxing environment. Other shades of green produce an energizing effect for rooms where more social interaction occurs. For example, darker shades of green like grey-green or blue-green are more restful tones and go great in bedrooms or living rooms. Brighter greens are great for kitchens and family rooms. Let’s take a look at some tips for painting a green interior design.

Green Interior Design

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Popular trends have brought new shades of green back to the kitchen and dining room. Darker shades like Mint and Evergreen go great against a set of solid white cabinets or wallboards. If you have rooms with hardwood floors, dark green can perfectly compliment the tone of the floor and provide a relaxing environment for you and your guests.

Consider Different Tones

Green is created with a blue, yellow, or gray (neutral) undertone. That said, there are plenty of shades of green for you to choose from for your interior design. These include sage, aqua, teal, lime, and apple to name a few. Be sure to explore a variety of tones before deciding on which color to paint a larger area with.

Remember the Windows

Foliage from outside the house can reflect sunlight and cast a bright sunspot on your walls, off-setting your original color selection. This will either intensify the color you chose or dampen it, depending on the tone. Be sure to test all colors and consider this as a factor before deciding to paint, or purchase a colored furniture piece.

There are thousands upon thousands of combinations at your disposal for painting your home interior green. Take some time and research which tones you want to use, and how each tone compliments or accents other features in the room, like a hardwood floor, a rug, a coffee table, or a white/creme colored couch. If you already have an idea in mind, or would like an expert opinion on the matter, call and schedule a consultation with the professionals at Edina Painting Company today at 612-987-4010.