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New Fire Resistant Paint Coatings Being Developed

By December 1, 2017 No Comments

Fire safety is a primary concern is any building, and research out of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore seems to demonstrate that fire-resistant coating will soon be available to help prevent and delay fire. This coating would also prevent corrosion and be easier to apply than the current techniques being used. The coating tested at Nanyang is for use primarily on concrete and steel.

The coating works just like any other paint in terms of its application and colors, but it provides a three-in-one system for fire prevention. You don’t need to sandblast steel to apply it. It will provide a two-hour buffer for occupants of a building to evacuate when there is a fire. It works not just on steel, but on laminated timber as well as reinforced concrete.

The researchers found that for it to get that two-hour buffer, the coating, called FiroShield, should be applied in five layers. This will allow it to achieve that fire rating, and also be corrosion resistant. They also tested it for its ability to withstand the elements, and it performed very well. Apparently, according to the group, current coatings lost up to 75 percent of their effectiveness in similar conditions, compared to just 2 percent with FiroShield.

“While typical fire coatings will also form a charred layer, those are thick and foam-like, which can fall off easily and leave the steel exposed to the fire. What we aimed at was an innovative coat that works differently from conventional intumescent coatings and can stick to the steel surface for as long as possible under high temperatures, and yet has durability and weather resistance under normal conditions without a need for a top coat of paint.”

Coating Composition

FiroShield’s base material is composed of synthetic resins, which are combined with other common chemicals—one of which is endothermic—to give the coating its fire- and corrosion-resistant properties. The endothermic element absorbs heat, causing a chemical reaction that makes the coating adhere firmly to the surface.

Pigments can also be added to the paint, providing both the appearance of normal paint and increased commercial value.

For the next step in the development process, FiroShield will be sent to the U.K. for certification, which is slated for completion in April 2018. The certification includes a load-bearing fire test that facilities in Singapore do not have the capacity to complete.  

Afterward, the coating will be applied on steel structures within the future JTC Logistics Hub. Other plans include the development of a another coating for the construction and building industry, and the research team working with relevant agencies to make FiroShield available on a wider scale.

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