Popular Exterior Paint Colors You Will Love

By July 26, 2018 No Comments

There comes a time in the life of every home that it needs a little facelift. Maybe it has simply started to look weathered with age, or maybe you are getting ready to sell. Whatever the reason, changing the color of a home is a great way to refresh its look and improve its curb appeal. There are many factors that can go into the choice of your new color. These can include the colors of the surrounding houses, the foliage, or simply personal preference. Here are some of the more popular exterior paint colors that may be perfect for your home.

Siding Color Schemes

When painting the exterior of the house, it is a good idea to choose the siding color first. It is the main part of your exterior, and everything else will flow from there. Make sure to consider the color of roof you have, since you cannot paint the roof. If your roof is brown, then you may want to choose a warmer color, such as tan. With black and gray roofs, you can go with a gray paint to complement it and give a modern look.

The Neighbors

Make sure to consider the neighbors’ colors as well. If one home is blue, and the one on the other side is white, then a warm color may not be appropriate. Now would painting your home the same as the others. A cooler shade, such as a gray, may help complement the neighbors but still stand out between them.

Local Flavor

You should always consider your locale and the environment in which you live. You want your color choices to work with what is appropriate for your region. In South Florida, for instance, you can often see homes that are bright, like pink and turquoise. While that works for that part of the country, it may not work for the midwest or other more rural spots that are not next to the ocean.

Scale and Depth

The color of anything can make the eye think it is seeing something that it really is not. Light-colored homes can seem like they are bigger than they actually are. Darker colors can make a home seem like it is set further back from the curb, and smaller. Despite looking smaller, dark colors can also look more stately and substantial.

Test it Out

The exterior of your home is affected much more by other factors, such as sunlight, than the interior. That means that it is important for you to test out your paint. Try it on a small patch, and check it out during different times of the day. Any paint will also seem lighter on the house than it will on the swatch. You may want to go a bit darker than what you want.

The Trim

It’s vital to get the trim color right as well. If it does not work with the siding, then the whole look of your home could be unappealing. If the color of the trim is exactly the same as the siding, then it will look flat and uninviting. If it is dark, it can make windows look small or strangely shaped.

It is usually a best bet to choose a trim color that is a couple of shades off from the siding. That way you know they will complement each other. You can also go with a simple white or cream shade to keep it neutral, and it will go with anything. For warmer-toned homes, you can choose a white or an oatmeal shade. For cooler-toned homes, try something with a bit of bluish, frosty tinge to it.

Once you have got the trim and siding picked out, you can have some fun with the accents such as doors and shutters. You can use bold colors to make them pop and add some visual appeal. No matter what colors you choose, make sure your home stands out on your block.