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Popular Paint Color Trends During the Past 40 Years

Popular painting options and colors have changed dramatically in the last 40 years. The colors of the 1970s were relatively boring compared to the psychedelic colors of the sixties. While the country was recovering from the Vietnam War and were looking for peace and calm in dark wood and warm earth tones colors. The most popular colors were harvest gold and avocado green along with a more toned down orange color. Primary colors were often seen in more modern homes too to add a playful element to a home.

In the 1980s, color exploded. The most popular colors of the MTV, Reaganonomics and David Bowie era were Caribbean blue, lime green and flamingo pink, everywhere. For the 1990s, the era of technology and information, the colors of muted reds, blues and greens were popular. Gray even made an appearance. In the 2000S, homeowners jumped on the stainless steel appliance era. That means that stainless steel was in fact the color of this decade and anything metallic or glossy.

While we are still in the 2010s, color trends seem to lean toward blues and greens. While they are more subdued then past decades, they are often mixed with neutral creating a softer and less glitzy look. Ultimately when you’re deciding how to paint your home, it’s important to consider your furniture, your home décor pieces and ultimately, your personal style. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is for you.

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