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A wood shed comes in handy as a preferred storage facility in your home. The ability of a wood shed to stay in good shape for a long time depends on how you take care of it. Painting your wood shed is one of the things that will make it stay in a good condition for years. Applying paint on your wood shed will protect it from potential threats like water and pests. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that you have to paint your wood shed the right way in order to achieve desired results.

Shed Painting Steps:

Clean the surface. A clean surface will enable you to effectively apply paint on your wood shed. Before you paint, it is significant to remove any dirt and peeled-off paint that might be on the surface. Depending on the surface of your wood, you will be required to clean the surface by sanding or using a pressure washer. For a bare wood shed, the pressure washer is the most ideal for cleaning the surface.

Using the pressure washer. It is prudent to make sure that all boards from the shed are in good condition before using the pressure washer. If any of the boards are not fixed correctly, make sure that you repair or replace them. Additionally, while using the pressure washer, make sure that you spray the surfaces evenly. Every surface that will need painting should be washed thoroughly. After every surface has been cleaned, allow the wood shed to dry; at least for a day.

Smear a paint primer. After making sure that the wood shed is dry, spread an oil-based primer before painting to seal any holes and protect the wood from any pests. Another important reason for applying primer is to increase the durability of the paint.

Paint the wood shed. You can now begin painting the wood shed after cleaning and priming the surfaces to be painted. It is advisable to use a painting gun instead of a brush in order to paint the wood shed in a uniform pattern. Maintaining an evenly distributed pattern requires you to move in a steady motion until every part is painted.

Watch out for left out parts. After you have finished painting the wood shed, it is crucial to check whether you might have left out some parts. If there are some left out parts, paint them carefully in an even pattern.

Once you are through with the painting, the wood shed will look great and will be ready for use. Regular painting of your shed will enable it to be in use for a long time. Remember, you can use any color for painting depending, of course, on your preferences.

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