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Tips on Finding the Right Paint for your Interior Painting

By January 31, 2022 No Comments

Selecting your paint can be a very daunting task. But with these seven steps, choosing the right paint can be easy!

STEP ONE: Decide your painting budget

Figuring out the amount of money you are willing to spend on painting will help narrow down the choices immediately.

STEP TWO: Determine painting style

Is your interior taste more modern? Traditional? Monochrome? Bright and fun colors or subtle? Make sure this painting style matches the rest of your home so the colors do not look adrift from the rest of your home.

STEP THREE: Select painting space

Where will you be painting? The entire interior of your home? A specific room? Make sure the paint you choose is right for your furniture and other decorations.

STEP FOUR: Look at painting colors and painting accessories

Take an inventory of painting colors, painting accessories, and painting materials you might need. Many websites have a color library of paint colors you can look over for inspiration. This library can help you compare painting colors, painting accessories, and painting materials to find the perfect match.

STEP FIVE: Choose painting for the painting room

If your wall’s color is going to be the main visual element in a room, choose colors that fit the room. In living rooms, colors will be more prominent. Bedrooms are much more relaxing and calming, so choosing the right color for the room is crucial, especially when you consider how paint colors can affect productivity.

STEP SIX: Test painting color options

Before painting, test painting colors on a wall. Buying small samples at painting supply stores is a cheap way to try painting colors. If the colors have already been painted on the wall, painting them again will give you an idea of how the color looks in the space.

STEP SEVEN: Hire a professional painting company
Of course, if you ever have questions or are looking for help with your home’s painting needs, contact Edina Painting. Finding the right paint color is one step, but most of the work is painting the walls.