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What to Avoid When Picking Your Living Room’s Accent Wall

By April 30, 2021 No Comments

If you’ve considered an accent wall for your living room, you’ve been looking for advice on what the best colors and walls are for your living room. It can be difficult to narrow down your options by looking at what works best. There can be many great options, so picking the right one is up to you. However, there are some pitfalls you should avoid when choosing an accent wall for your living room, so here are some things to consider avoiding.

Stick to One Accent Wall

The entire concept of an accent wall is to make it stand out from other walls in your living room. For this to work, there can only be one accent wall. Picking two accent walls is counterintuitive–you now have diminished the effect of an accent wall. Painting two walls the same color can confuse the eye.

Accent walls in our living rooms are meant to add some drama to the room. They can help tie a room together or simply be used to make a bold statement that reflects your personality and style. The illusion that an accent wall creates can make for a dynamic room. But choosing two walls ruins these sensations, and in fact, can make a room look smaller.

Avoid Painting Short Walls as the Accent Wall

One of the biggest benefits of a living room accent wall is that it can be a backdrop for your beautiful architecture or furniture. Accent walls are meant to draw the eye and be the focal point of the room. Using a shorter wall, in comparison to the other walls, may not be enough surface area for having this effect.

Don’t Match Colors With Other Walls

Your accent wall shouldn’t match the other colors of the walls in your living room. Rather, it should be chosen based on the colors of the other décor and furniture in the room. The accent wall’s purpose is to tie the room together, which allows you to coordinate with other elements in the room.

Matching the colors on other walls can make the décor look left out. IT can become much too uniform with little contrast. Lack of contrast makes for an overall less dramatic design.

If you’ve considered an accent wall for your living room and want more advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional painting company!