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Choose House Paint Colors With These Free Online Tools

By August 1, 2016 No Comments

Painting professionals always tell you to think about what colors you want to use before anything else. The problem is there are so many colors to choose from. How are you supposed to know what looks good? Furthermore, how are you to know how to blend colors together in a way that’s visually appealing? Thankfully we live in the age of the Internet. You can do everything from learning about history, to communicating with people in China. You can even choose house paint colors to use on your home paint project this season. Check out these free online tools to choose house paint colors today.

Tools to Choose House Paint Colors


Paint.Net is a free software editing program for photos and images. It features an impressive interface that allows for special effects, layering, and a variety of tools and functions to enhance and design your home with color. Find it at

Logicol S.r.L.

Logicol S.r.L. is a software development and training company established in 1994. They create software applications that help companies and individuals manage color and tinting equipment. In addition, you can access their software with Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and more. Check out the Logicol home website for more information.


Colorjive is an online website that allows you to upload photos of your home and see what it would look like with a new color. You can save up to three color variations and experiment with a plethora of color choices. Furthermore, signing up is free and simple. Find out more at the Colorjive website.

Better Homes & Gardens – Color-a-Home

Better Homes & Gardens is a free home improvement website. They offer their own products, and provide news and advice on home decoration, landscaping, and more. In addition, they also have a Color-a-Home application on their website. Check it out at Better Homes & Gardens today.

Resene EzyPaint

EzyPaint is a home painting app from Resene. In addition to their free, easy to use online version, they also offer a downloadable version for a small fee. Furthermore, EzyPaint is available for both Mac and PC. The downside: these colors are only available from Resene Paints Limited, a New Zealand company. With that in mind, the app can offer you some great ideas, but you will have to enquire as to a similar color from other companies.

The experts at Edina Painting are ready to help you with your home paint project. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the colors you want and get the results you expect. Additionally, our professionals will recommend the most durable and long-lasting paints to provide adequate defense against the elements. As a result, you will be left feeling satisfied with the results for years to come. Call and schedule a consultation today at 612-987-4010.