Why Epoxy Might be the Best Finish For Your Garage Floor

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Epoxy coating is an extremely durable finishing option for garage floors. Not only that, but looks great, too. It can help turn your drab and conventional cement floor into an attractive and appealing spot. It can make your garage feel more like a room of your home, and not just a place to store your tools and park your car. More and more consumers are choosing epoxy flooring for their garages. It comes in a wide variety of colors and shades, which can even be customized. That way, the colors in your garage can jive with your personal style, or even your favorite team.

Garage Floor Epoxy
Despite how it is used, epoxy is not the same as paint. Paint that is used for garage floors is latex acrylic. They may have some some epoxy mixed in, and these are called epoxy paints. However, they are still paints. Epoxy is a coating. It is made up of a half and half mix of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. The hardener is the catalyst that makes epoxy so strong. As opposed to drying, epoxy cures. The chemical reaction from the mixing of the resin and hardener creates polymer structures that are cross-linked. This results in a thicker coating than paint that adheres and bonds to the garage floor surface.

What are the Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating?
There are several things that make an epoxy the best option for your garage floor finish. It is very resistant to any kind of damage, such as scratches and chipping. It is even stain and chemical damage resistant as well. If there are existing imperfections, then epoxy can help hide them. These minor flaws could include things like spider cracks. It will also protect against dust. Concrete produces a dust that gets into the air when people walk through or cars drive up. This dust ends up on everything in the garage, like tools, cars, and anything that is stored in there. Epoxy will seal the concrete so that the dust cannot spread.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or rain, then an epoxy coating is beneficial because it is moisture resistant. If snow and ice collect on your garage floor, an epoxy coating will keep it easier to clean. Some dish soap and water is all you need.

DIY mechanics and others who use their garage for their hobbies seem to love it as well. It is resistant to stains, chemicals, and other substances like oil and gas, so there is no concern if there is a spill. If you have a lot of heavy tools and equipment, they will not scratch or damage the floor. They also appreciate that the epoxy coating provides a brighter environment by reflecting the light.

While it is very tough, there are still some things that can cause problems for epoxy floor coating. Welding can cause burns in the coating from hot slag. Also, if you have moisture problems that come from under your concrete slab, then this moisture can deteriorate the epoxy.

Hot tire pick up is a common issue with some coatings. It happens when a hot tire softens the coating, and then as the tire cools, the tread will grab onto the coating, which is still soft. When the tire moves again, it can take the coating with it. An epoxy floor coating is made of less water and is therefore not as prone to hot tire pick up.

As you can see, an epoxy floor coating is an amazing option for your garage floor. It provides a host of benefits that will make you happy whether you use your garage for everything and spend a lot of time in there, or if you just use it to park your car.

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