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Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Home

By January 17, 2018 No Comments

Trying your hand at painting can be an intimidating thing. Unlike some other artistic methods, making a mistake when painting means you may not be able to easily correct it. While fear of making a mistake should never stop someone from pursuing any type of art, it certainly is not a bad thing to try to avoid them. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you are painting.

Repetition – if your brush strokes are too repetitive, it can make a piece look more staid and boring. Try varying your strokes to give it a more interesting and appealing feel.

Dry Strokes – This has become a more popular technique in recent years. It is also known as scumbling, which is using a dryer brush to provide added depth and layers. If not done correctly, this technique can look cheap and unimaginative.

Not Using The Whole Canvas – Try not to leave too much of the space blank. Use the whole canvas so that empty areas do not draw the eyes and make your project look boring.

Not Studying – This does not mean using books and studying materials. It means examining your subject and getting to know its features and subtleties. Knowing your subject as well as possible by studying it will only make your work stronger and more detailed.

Too Many Colors – Too many colors can be distracting and sometimes look garish. If that is not the look you want, then try using the combinations of just a few colors along with white and see what you can produce.

Working in Small Amounts Of Time – Painting does require an investment of time. You will get more out of that investment if you work in large chunks of time, instead of metering it out as you go along. You may be in danger of losing that initial inspiration if you do not set aside a substantial time period to work.

Listening To Others

There can be a strong temptation to seek out the opinions of others. However, to make sure that your vision for the piece is pure, then do the work in isolation as much as possible to keep your opinions on the canvas and others out of it.

These are just a few of the mistakes that you should try to avoid to make your next painting project the best it can possibly be.

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