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White Isn’t the Only Neutral Paint Option

By January 17, 2018 No Comments

White paint is almost like a blank canvas. It is a chance to renew and refresh a space or a piece of furniture. It adds brightness and newness. However, there is a way to get that blank canvas without it having to be white every time. Neutral colors can provide those same elements as white paint, but without the starkness that sometimes comes with it. Here are some other neutrals that can refresh and revitalize just as well or better than white.


A green and gray combination can strike the right balance. It is soft and neutral, but can also give a little splash of color. By having that subtle feel, the green elements can feel bold without actually being too bold and out there. These paint shades would go really well with organic wood tones in the decor and furniture.


Unfortunately, too much of the world thinks of beige as boring. However, if it is applied creatively, it is a beautiful color with some interesting shades. It will go with anything, which means there are an endless number of decor possibilities. Depending on the shade, beige can offer modern, rustic, or a traditional vibe.

Cool Gray

Gray’s popularity has been on a steady rise over the past decade or so, and with good reason. It provides a modern and chic appeal, and goes well with metals. It has a very clean and sleek look. It goes best with brass and nickel finishes, or even rose gold.


Blush can give a restrained and softer shade to a room. It is also considered to be more feminine, but do not let that stop you from using it in any space you choose. It is a bright shade, and adds more personality than white would.

Warm Gray

Warm gray is a combination of gray and beige. It is considered to be an inviting shade that connotes warmth and comfort. While it is definitely neutral, it still has undertones of red and yellow to give it a chic vibe. It is useful for giving a space a modern look while staying softer than the crisp metals of cool gray.

As you can see, white is not the only neutral color you should have on your palette. Play around with these other neutrals to create the space of your dreams.

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