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A quick guide to painting your kitchen

By August 4, 2014 No Comments

Your kitchen can end up being a focal point of your home. It is where meals are prepared and in some cases where meals are eaten. Since this area of the house will end up getting a lot of attention, it is important that you have it designed as nicely as possible. There are many things to consider when painting your kitchen, here are a few tips that you can use to get started.

Use Contrast to Your Advantage

The kitchen is a great opportunity to use contrasting colors to improve your overall home design. The base color and the trim & other accents of the kitchen can be contrasted to great affect. This will make certain aspects of the kitchen pop and create the opportunity for an appealing design. Is important not to use contrasting colors on the walls as this can end up being an overwhelming choice, but contrast in moderation is a great design choice.

Match with Appliances

You kitchen appliances may end up being an afterthought for your design. However, it is important that you choose colors for the walls and accents that are in tune with your appliances. It will be very expensive to replace your refrigerator and stove because you choose to go with an off white paint scheme and egg white appliances.

Match Your Furniture

Depending on your room set up this could be a moot point, but you should consider the shade of kitchen chairs, tables, and other furniture as it pertains to your choice of room paint. You can contrast light and dark kitchen colors, but you want to make sure that a light shade table or chairs does not derail your design process.

Choose Appetizing Colors

Even if you are not a five star chef, you want to present your kitchen as appealing and inviting. Shade of white, red, and sometimes even orange are viewed as the appetizing colors for some restaurants. Use this to your advantage and create an inviting dining area for your family and friends. Good luck and thanks for reading!