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Top 3 Exotic Paint Colors That Will Transform Your Home Interior

By February 27, 2015 No Comments

In Minnesota, you are essentially stuck indoors for several months of the year. That is why it is important that you are comfortable in your own home. Many homeowners attempt to mentally “escape the winter” by placing posters featuring images of palm trees and beaches. Although images of tropical getaways are calming, there is more that you can do to transform your home interior into your own exotic paradise. The strategy is simple: make use of colors! Below we discuss 3 exotic paint colors that you can apply to enhance the luxury of your home.

Kiwi Green. It is no secret. Kiwifruit features a beautiful green color that can give you a temporary escape from the ‘real world’. Lighter green is the color of nature and will increase the feeling of harmony within your home.

Many people have noted that green represents healing. With that considered, what better way than to surround yourself with beautiful kiwi green to help yourself heal from the stresses of everyday life.

Chocolate. This may surprise you as you were most likely assuming that all of the colors we chose would be light. Well chocolate can be truly enhance the exotic appeal of a room as long as the room is decorated accordingly.

Chocolate represents love and, like green, it represents nature as well. Its wholesome appeal will certainly give you peace of mind when you need it most.

Amber. Amber will provide your home with the sense of sun. This may result in you feeling warmer. We have seen many homeowners request Amber or similar versions of amber at home because they feel that it gives them energy.

Amber is so comforting that is was often used in palaces in places like Russia and the Middle East.

When you are feeling the winter blues and you need an escape, maybe you should consider applying the exotic colors listed above to your home interior design. Although the color change may not be as impactful to your comfort as being on a real tropical beach, it is certainly a small step towards living in paradise.