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Top 5 Home Interior Paint Colors to Beat the Winter Blues

By October 8, 2014 No Comments

Because we are based in the Minneapolis – St. Paul region, we understand that Minnesotans and Midwesterners will do anything to feel warmer in the winter. One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to live in a house that makes you feel warmer. Your dwelling should have an exterior and interior visual appeal that fits your specific winter tastes. Colors can provide you with a strong level of comfort. The best color will set the right mood and will enhance the beauty of your home. We have provided our top choices for the best home interior paint colors for winter below.

We hope to inspire you by discussing our personal favorite winter home paint colors.

Your home color says a lot about you. That is why you should think hard about the color that makes you feel warm on the inside. The color that works for one person may not work for the next.

Green Tea. This color provides a darker shade of green that truly puts you in touch with nature. Because the coming of winter equals the depletion of summer’s rich colors, it can help your mental state when you have a source of summer comfort. This dark green shade will make you feel like you are in the north woods and will give you a sense of calm and balance during the stress-inducing winter freeze.

Coffee. It is difficult to beat a warm cup of brew in the morning. This is especially true in the winter when your morning coffee serves to warm you up as well as wake you up. To get a true sense of warmth, this color would be a great option near your fireplace.  Coffee colored wallpaper might remind you of hot chocolate as well, a favorite treat during winter.

Milkweed. This color is soft. It does not jump out at you and is far from obnoxious. That is why it is a great color for winter. Winter causes plenty of stress and the color milkweed is neutral and provides a calm aura in the environment. In addition, the color might make you feel cooler during Minnesota’s hot summer months.

Driftwood. This color is similar to milkweed but it is a bit darker. Driftwood offers a stronger aura of glitz than milkweed. Winter brings a lot of darkness. Gray clouds block the sun and there is far less daylight. Driftwood on your walls can make you feel cheerier during the gloomy winter season. It has been known to represent passion and may help to boost your motivation.

Slate. Slate is an elegant color and can represent stability. Because it is a blue-based color, it promotes relaxation of the mind. This is wonderful quality. It will also remind you of the beautiful dark blue fall nights that you enjoyed before winter moved in.

Hopefully our top choices for interior home paint colors inspire you to add a little visual warmth to your home this winter. The colors above provide comfort, stability and calmness.

What are your favorite home paint colors for winter?