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Top Four Unique Paint Textures

By January 13, 2021 No Comments

Whenever a homeowner wants to refresh a room’s aesthetic, they turn to swap out some of the colors. While introducing color is one way to spruce a home up, there are also methods of applying the paint to create a unique and stunning texture. Textured interior walls can elevate the room with simple techniques. Here are the top four unique paint techniques for creating memorable wall textures.

Comb Texture

Comb textures are a series of grooves on a ceiling or wall. The paint is typically applied with a toothed trowel, and its appearance can range from looking like fans, rainbows, or straight lines. You can do a simplistic design, or you can go creative with a more intricate look. This result can be incredibly unique.

Orange Peel Texture

Being a more retro approach, the orange texture is one to consider. Orange peels are porous, and while that might not sound enticing on a wall, it can make for a paint job. Orange peel walls are plastered with dimples, which can be an excellent choice for a wall with some cosmetic flaws (scratches, nicks, dents). The way this texture is created is with a hopper gun and adjustable valve.

Popcorn Texture

Most people are familiar with this texture, as it is used in many home ceilings. But did you know you can get a similar texture on your wall? Similar to the orange peel texture, a hopper gun is used to create this one-of-a-kind look. And yes, you can paint over the popcorn texture once it’s dried.

Slap Brush Texture

The slap brush texture is similar to the comb, in that it creates random grooves and swirls of lines. This texture is applied with an application roller and a slap brush. The designs made with slap brush techniques are truly unique. The random patterns of lines can make for an intricate and stunning display unlike any other.

If you’re ever in the market to renovate a room with a total paint makeover, consider hiring professional painters. They will help you achieve any desired look, incorporating some of the most innovative techniques for achieving a beautifully painted wall.