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What Were the Most Popular Colors for 2020?

By October 14, 2020 No Comments

As 2020 wraps up, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular colors used in home painting projects. From interiors to exteriors, front doors to garage doors, this list will show off the best choices to be on-trend for the years going forth.

1. Rich Earth Tones
Nature-inspired tones influenced many home color choices this year, finally beating the reigning champion, gray. Rich, deep natural earth tones will come in a variety of shades, not limited to browns and beige. Warm chestnut, burgundy, olive green, and chocolate brown all offer a beautifully organic element to any interior.

2. Soothing Pastels
On the opposite end of the spectrum is the soft pastels. Baby blues, pale greens, soft pink, and so much more takes the cake for this list. The nice calming energy these hues bring is a perfect harmony to the stressful year. While earth tones might be knocking gray out of the park, it is still influential to the appearance of the pastel. Look for pastel shades that have gray undertones. Pastels can be seen as spring colors, and many find them dated. But the more modern hues will make for a stunning and calming environment.

3. Muted Colors
Neutral shades will always be in style, but we have seen a rise in more fun and unique colors in the design. However, these are not as vibrant as the pastel colors that are popping up in designs this year. Rather, they are unsaturated. Muted colors work incredibly well with earth tones, and can boost the natural yet sophisticated element to them. Pale or slate blue, sage green, or any of your favorite colors can work wonderfully. And the best part is that it is on-trend.

4. Moody Blues
Pantone always influences the creative industry. And since they chose classic blue as this year’s color, we have seen blue everywhere. Maybe it’s a fitting color for the collective mood of the year: somber. Moody shades have shown up in many designs, reminiscent of the midnight sky or a stormy sea. Don’t think of moody as a negative trait. It is a sophisticated, yet weirdly comforting color. Blues have been described as colors that have inspiring and grounding elements.